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Steger & Associates

Canberra City to Lake – Engineering detail and Hydraulics Investigations

Client – Land Development Agency, Canberra (LDA)

Location – Canberra, CITY

Time frame – 2014/15, 3 Months

Project Description

Project included full engineering survey for expanded survey over CITY precinct to provide base topographical survey for future design. Scope included bathymetric survey for Lake Burley Griffin for water front analysis and design and multiple hydraulics structures/pits were also investigated with summarized reporting provided for individual structures.

Scope of works included analysis of pre-existing surveys by others to provide summarized tree reporting and extents of coverage. Difficulties included providing pit information for carriageway locations not previously provided by others and lake conditions during bathymetry survey.

Very exciting being part of continuing the master plan and evolution of the growing Canberra City landscape – Jason Steger

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